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   Specialized in 11-12mm size but also 8-10mm and quality splits as well.  Famous “blanco Sinaloa” is our variety, grown at privileged spots in northwestern  Mexico.


  Unique garbs  because it´s attributes:  bigger, creamier, smoother, faster to cook and higher protein content than many other varieties.

Organic garbanzo



     From Los llanos plains in northern Mexico, a clean biological environment grows pinto Saltillo variety which preserves for a long time its original bright color and attributes better than most pintos.

Organic   Pinto beans



Our traditional San Luis variety black beans from Los llanos plains in northern Mexico are so testy, they´re one of the most popular beans un Mexico.

Organic    Black beans



Mexico´s famous white corn is now organic !!. 


white corn

maiz blanco JE a editado.jpg
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